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Goddesses of Gaia™

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Any original Goddesses of Gaia™ doll from Dolls For The Soul as seen on the gallery page can be ordered from the artist at All are available until sold. Availability of these collectible, one-of-a-kind dolls is on a first come, first serve basis. Each is signed by the artist and comes with a letter of authenticity.

Custom Orders

A unique one-of-a-kind gift for a birthday present!

Any¬†Goddesses of Gaia™ doll may be custom-ordered with changes in size, skin tone, ethnicity, hair and eye color. Since Goddesses of Gaia™ are collectible, one-of-a-kind doll art, no two will be exactly alike. Slight variation in fabric design or color scheme possible. No variation in quality. All custom orders are individually hand-sculpted and expertly crafted. You may request medicine masks, animal totems, shoes, hats or other creative details for your custom order. All dolls are made from polymer clay and mixed media, and custom-orders range in size from 18" to 36" You may request size when custom-ordering.

Please email the artist or call (451)267-3926 with your name, phone number and/or email address to discuss your custom order.

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Goddesses of Gaia™ dolls $750. each (shipping/handling & CA resident sales tax, additional)


Goddesses of Gaia™ $650. to $1250. depending on complexity and size. Custom-made dolls range in size from 18" to 36". Please request size and price options when ordering. (Shipping/handling, CA resident sales tax, additional)

To order an Intuitive Healing Doll™:

Please contact the artist at I will need a small bit of personal information such as your name, the recipient's name (if different), email address and /or phone number and a snail-mail address for shipping. A 15 minute consultation with the artist is helpful to discuss your order (415) 267-3926, as well. If you call and I am unavailable, please leave your contact information. For an Intuitive Healing Doll™, the average time, from order to delivery, varies from 4 weeks to 3 months depending on the season. A letter of authenticity and reading (information about your doll) accompanies each Intuitive Healing Doll™:.

Pricing for Intuitive Healing Doll™:

A check or money order for a deposit of half (50%) of the agreed upon price must be received in order for me to begin your order. Intuitive Healing Dolls™ and Medicine Dolls prices vary depending on size and complexity; the average price range $500 to $650. Shipping and handling fee an additional $50 (within US). CA residents add sales tax. The balance due and shipping fee are paid PRIOR to shipping. Payment arrangements are available as are some discounts to those on fixed incomes or living with disabilities. Ask about multiple order discounts.

You will receive the shipping date and a tracking number. Dolls are shipped with insurance and must be signed for at their destination by a responsible party.

Please Note: All Sales Are Final. This means no returns or refunds are avaiable. All dolls are insured for damage (unlikely, but possible) in shipping only; please read policy for repair in this event. Ordering an Intuitive Healing Doll™ means you are ordering a custom-made , one-of-a-kind doll-- sight unseen. Even I do not know what the doll will look like, until I am at work on it. This requires trust that I am a master craftswoman with high intergrity, and abilities. All Healing Dolls are made for and from the Highest Good--with all Loving intention, specifically for the recipient. The recipient should be aware and open to the concept of channeled healing inherent in this work.

All dolls pictured here are one-of-a-kind doll art; the photos are of original dolls by Nina Reimer.