Dolls For The Soul




Intuitive Healing Dolls TM by Nina A, Reimer

The dolls presented here are one-of-a-kind Intuitive Healing Dolls made exclusively by Nina Ayin Reimer. The dolls are examples, representing some custom orders. They are owned by recipients; thus not for sale.

When an Intuitive Healing Doll is ordered, neither the person ordering nor the artist knows what portrait will be created. This is a leap of faith, literally. The dolls look like real people, because the represent someone connected to the recipient—real people.

The artist meditates and receives the healing image visually, along with some information about the nature of the healing needed, even if it is a celebratory event. The artist does not need to know the recipient, or the person ordering, (if different.) No photos are accepted; the art is a gift of intuition. (The recipient's name, age and shipping address are required with the deposit; with all sales final.)

Testimonials of the recipient reflect the soothing and rewarding connection to the results. Sometimes the recipient recognizes the portrait as a relative (living or deceased), a friend, or other person who has had some influence in their life. Sometimes it is a portrait of someone, the recipient has seen in a dream.

There are many different stories that result (see: Artist As Healer, Stories of Transformation and Healing on the book page.) These healings are emotional and/or spiritual; the dolls and readings that accompany them allow a focal point for a continued source of heartfelt validation and sense of well-being. Nina Ayin Reimer teaches her unique methods and intuitive techniques at her workshops.



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* Healing Dolls featured in Doll Magazine, May 2001, NY
(Profile in Caring, Soul Of The Doll; Exploring The Therapeutic Side of Doll-Making with Nina Reimer.)

All dolls pictured here are one-of-a-kind doll art; the photos are of original dolls by Nina Reimer.