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Goddesses of Gaia are each designed as healing dolls for an aspect of the earth's energy -- air, earth, fire and water. They are designed to bring to you the most positive aspects of nature's elemental healing power for which they are named. All dolls are signed by the artist and accompanied by a letter of authenticity. A wonderful birthday gift for that special someone in your world!

Any doll may also be custom ordered with changes in size, skin tone, ethnicity, hair and eye color. Since Goddesses of Gaia are collectible, one-of-a-kind doll art, no two will be exactly alike. Dolls are made from polymer clay and mixed media, and range in size from 18" to 24".

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Air Energy

Elisa, Heart of Clouds

Mylanda, Heart of Winds

Pauravi, Heart of Sunsets SOLD

Earth Energy

Chilal, Heart of Mountains

Kaylah, Heart of Meadows

Verona, Heart of Forests

Fire Energy

Carmita, Heart of Sunshine

Lelika, Heart of Deserts

Li Ming, Heart of Rainbows

Water Energy

Avelina, Heart of Lakes

Dionna, Heart of Oceans

Paulina, Heart of Rivers

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* Healing Dolls featured in Doll Magazine, May 2001, NY
(Profile in Caring, Soul Of The Doll; Exploring The Therapeutic Side of Doll-Making with Nina Reimer.)

All dolls pictured here are one-of-a-kind doll art; the photos are of original dolls by Nina Reimer.