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Nina Ayin Reimer is the original medical illustrator for the acclaimed book, Our Bodies, Ourselves (Simon & Schuster.) A medical illustrator at University of California early in her career, she later took a Bachelor of Science degree in Art and Health at SUNY, and teaching certification in Health Education. Ms. Reimer is a Usui Reiki Master, sculptor, painter and author of several books. Her first non-fiction book, Artist as Healer, Stories of Transformation and Healing, (seen at the 2007 New York Book Expo, reviewed in Art Doll Quarterly, summer, 2007, and sold at independent bookstores, online at and at her workshops), tells the story of the her own journey as a healing artist. It includes case histories of lives transformed by her healing art, a description of her unique intuitive gifts and full color pictures. Through connection with the author and her healing art entity, Dolls For The Soul, hundreds of people from diverse backgrounds, including doctors, nurses, alternative healers, teachers, therapists, writers, artists and many others—can attest to her intuitive gifts, modality and her ability to transform consciousness through the healing power of creativity.

Since 1998, Nina has been teaching workshops (see workshop page) around the United States. She has been a regular workshop director at the International Women's Writing Guild ( summer conference at Skidmore College from 1998-2009 and will be at Brown University in 2010. All of her workshops include instruction in anatomy, sculpting with polymer clay, costuming/fiber arts, as well as training and practice of higher consciousness, and meditation for healing, transcending loss and grief, unblocking creative energy, and discovering one's path through the creative element. Her Dolls For The Soul Manual, published in 2009, is written and illustrated by the artist and available at each workshop.

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